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Why Spider-Man has been a runaway success for kids & teens

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Just as we thought cinemas might be closing their doors for good, Spider-Man: No Way Home hit our post-pandemic screens with a bang! Currently it’s one of the highest grossing films in history - taking in billions globally and reviving cinemas across the world.

So what’s all the hype and why can’t Gen Alpha stop talking about it?

The film’s huge promotional push through online social and gaming communities was the perfect way to reach out and touch Gen A. Spider-Man content became ubiquitous on TikTok - whether it was the launch of The Daily Bugle TikTok account, exclusive content from JustMaiko, or the ‘TomHollandMedia’ account going viral in the weeks following the film, it fed into Gen A’s need to consume content at a rapid pace and left them hungry for more!

“I’ve seen a lot of clips for the new Spiderman on TikTok." - Jack, 12

“I keep seeing Tom Holland on TikTok” - Sophie, 12

Having been deprived of the cinematic experience for so long, Gen A were prepped and ready to hit the big screens for a Spidey day out with family and friends. But it wasn’t just the popcorn, sweets and sugar-fuelled drinks that got them talking so much – Spider-Man: No Way Home made the impossible possible by bringing together three generations of Spider-Man in one. Millennial parents could share their Spidey with the kids and this perfect balance of “right now” and nostalgia is what really spoke to Gen A.

“I’d give Spiderman 11/10! It was all the Spidermen in one film” - PJ, 11

Following the release of the film, the hottest topic up for debate amongst kids & teens is - who is the best Spider-Man of all time? Well thanks to our unique omnibus tool, we were able to survey 15,000 US and UK kids 7-14 last week to find out. The winner? Tom Holland firmly holds top spot with nearly half of the vote (44%).

It seems Tom Holland has become a role model for Gen Alpha and he is well aware of his young fanbase, regularly referencing them in media interviews. Not only has he pulled on the heart strings of millennial mums, but he’s also stepped in to fill the role of big brother for many.

Whilst he’s often characterised by charm, wit and determination, his love for Harry Potter, BTS, Marvel films (and of course Zendaya), is what grounds him with Gen A. It’s clear that Tom Holland has become both an on- and off-duty superhero for all and has contributed massively to the huge success of the movie.

For us, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a masterclass in multi-generational appeal, combined with relatable casting and TikTok buzz. A shared experience that surfaced what is most important to Millennial parents and their Gen A offspring – family time.

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