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What's Trending? Back to School 2021

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

September is an essential time for brands who want to cement their place in kids' and families’ lives. Their New Year, it’s the time when new habits are formed and the playground and school fields are full of chatter dictating what’s hot and what’s not.

Our Beano Brain Trendspotters, a longitudinal, ethnographic panel following the lives of kids aged 7 to 16 across the UK, have revealed the brands and hobbies which have got their attention in 2021...

Football/soccer is well and truly back with the English Premier League in full swing and community and school teams allowed to play again.

"I'm pretty happy - I'm back playing football and we've won both our games." - Lily (12)

It’s all about football, like the Premier League and all the placing. I asked my mum if we had any retro kit and this is my uncle’s Liverpool shirt” – Theo (12)

And with the Premier League back, fan brands are once again causing playground buzz:

Match Attax are back, so me and my friends are collecting them. Me and one of my friends are filling in the book together. I get 2 packs on a Tuesday then get another 2 in my Match Of The Day Magazine. My friend gets 3 packs a week.” – Noah (10)

After school clubs are also back in kids and teens lives, filling their schedules and fuelling their passions:

Everyone wants to join the crochet class now, but the teacher doesn’t have enough wool and hooks for everyone so they have to get their own.” – Fatimah (9)

My gymnastics and Bop classes are back this week – I really want to take part in a tumble friendly that’s coming up soon.” – Gabriella (11)

And the high street still continues to hold a strong place in kids' and teens’ lives, allowing them the opportunity to get out and spend their own money:

I’m wearing new turtle earrings from Claire's Accessories this week. I also bought 3 friendship bracelets and shared them with 2 of my friends from school. School is pretty busy with projects and stuff.” – Mia (9)

We speak to the Trendspotters every two weeks, allowing us to constantly monitor the brands, activities and media which permeate their and their families’ lives, as well as dig further into topics to harness their opinions and thoughts.

If you’d like to understand how these brands have had success and how your brand can do the same, please get in touch and use our brain. We’re here to help.


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