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‘WE choose where to go on family holidays’

With 78% of family travel decisions influenced by kids, we asked them what they really love about holidays. Plus how is Brexit shaping travel trends in 2019?

If the kids are happy, the parents are too, so it’s no surprise that younger family members have a pivotal role in holiday plans. Of the 4,300 kids who answered our poll, more than half (56%) said mum and dad let them have their say about where the family goes on holiday. Nearly a third of kids (31%) said the whole family decides on their travel destination, while for a fifth (20%), the grown-ups make sure a break away is somewhere the kids love.

Our audience loves a holiday, with 59% off on a family break this year. They like to plan ahead: a quarter of families (25%) talk about summer holiday plans for the following year at Christmas time.

What makes the ideal holiday for kids? Spending time and making memories with family is tops for 64% of kids, while well over half of them said seeing new places and trying new things (57%) was what they loved most, and 46% enjoy making new friends. Find out more about what the perfect break away looks like for kids (and makes their parents more likely to book) by signing up to our fortnightly trend report (see below).

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If they're not happy, neither are their parents: kids have a HUGE say in family holiday plans

How will Brexit affect holidays?

Research from travel firm Thomas Cook found almost half (48%)of its holidays sold up until the end of February were to non-EU destinations (up 10% on 2018) – so it seems some Brits are adapting their travel choices due to Brexit. Our Trendspotter panel of kids (age 9-12) agree that the UK’s departure from the EU will affect their plans:

‘Yes it’ll be harder to go on holiday and we will have left our deals with other countries behind. My gran told me that a pound will be worth less but I’m not sure I believe her.’ Josh

‘I don’t think things will change that much [after Brexit]. Maybe not as easy to get on a plane and go on holiday.’ Max

Our poll found that a UK break was the top destination for a quarter of our families this year (25%). A fifth of kids (20%) were off to the States, with a tenth of kids (11%) saying their families are booking last minute.

How we can help your brand understand kids

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