US vs UK Back to School

Updated: Sep 16

So far in 2020, the differences we've seen between US and UK kids’ and teens' experiences have been minimal.

But now – back to school couldn’t be more different.

In the UK, 86% of kids are back at school or were heading back to school last week. But in the USA only 47% of kids are heading back to a classroom.

Based on the latest US population figures, that is just over 17 million children not at school and missing out on the social and emotional development it offers.

The instant impact is that whilst only 18% of UK kids and teens aged 7-14 described themselves as feeling “bored” last week nearly a quarter (24%) of US kids were feeling it.

Also the number of kids and teens in the UK feeling "excited" has seen a slow but steady increase over the last six weeks and continues to rise but it has remained flat in the US since April.

How the pandemic and schools fare as we head into winter flu season is yet to be seen but the impact and inequality it is creating for kids across the world is undeniable.

Brands and organisations have a huge opportunity to help families and children navigate this difficult time, providing both useful "at home" activities and the fun escapism that both parents and children crave.

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