Under a quarter of kids see diversity on screen that matches their lives

Updated: Jun 23

Only under a quarter of kids think that the people in TV shows and movies match what they see in real life.    

 Despite several reviews across the globe, kids and teens are still not seeing the diversity of their realities in the content they watch. Only 23% in the US and 21% in the UK feel the people they seen on screen match who they see in real life.

Teens are much more likely to identify the gap with only 13% of 13-14 year olds in the US and 17% in the UK agreeing content reflects real life vs 30% of 7-8 year olds in the US and 31% in the UK.

As well as teens being more aware, this variance may also be driven by their parents' content choices. Three quarters of Gen Alpha and Gen Z parents agree with the need for diverse content but almost a third of Gen Alpha parents agree strongly vs only a quarter of Gen Z parents.

With the world’s eyes watching brands and content creators will representation improve? And what else are kids saying about diversity under the spotlight of the BLM protests?

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