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The Top 5 Evergreen Kids' Brands

For the past four years we've been creating a monthly Map of Hotness which outlines what's hot - and what's not - with kids and teens aged 7-16.

It shares the most talked about brands by our qualitative ethnographic panel, backed by our vast quantitative data from Each brand is marked as Hot, Warm, Cool or Evergreen, giving a clear view of which are on the rise, and which ones are already on their way out.

But with accessibility to brands and businesses restricted throughout 2020 we've been given the unique opportunity to establish the top brands that stand out for kids and families. Over the past ten months there have been a number of standout “evergreen” brands that have stayed relevant and “hot” right through lockdown and remain even as we move into a another chapter of the pandemic:

LEGO – Strong brand DNA around play and creativity perfect for off-screen activity. Families found more time to co-build together and used multi-coloured bricks to make rainbows and hearts in the nadir of the lockdown.

Netflix – Its huge back catalogue means viewers can enjoy huge boxsets that never “finish”. The personalised individual family member profiles allow for individuality and "me time" but the platforms also provides a wealth of family time content to watch together e.g. Fuller House, Modern Family and "appointment to watch" original films such as Feel the Beat.

Disney – It constantly resonates as a content brand but its popularity has been fuelled by Disney+ launch, binge watching of Star Wars & Marvel Comic Universe in Spring but maintained relevance by having exclusive content such as The Mandalorian and new releases such as Hamilton in July and The One & Only Ivan in August.

Roblox – Its constant presence is driven by the appeal of its peer created games that are always updated. Its a place where kids and teens can be virtual explorers, role-playing with friends and gaining new experiences, whilst providing a vital line of communication particularly when physically separated from friends. Although parents might not necessarily be on Roblox, or know the ins and outs, it’s seen as an appropriate, kid-safe digital space for them to be (vs. the likes of Fortnite)

Amazon – It is mentioned regularly as both Amazon and Amazon prime TV.  Its a regular presence in the family home but we saw adoption of the TV and mentions of Amazon deliveries soar over the last year. It's keeping families sane – that’s where all those paddling pools and trampolines came from!

As celebrities and brands ebb and flow in popularity with kids and teens it's the brands which offer shared experience with friends or family which stay "hot" and have a constant presence in their lives.

If you'd like to know more about our Map of Hotness, get in touch. We're here to help.


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