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The Summer of Grandparents

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

As we’ve shared kids and teens are enjoying the special time they get to spend with grandparents over the summer holidays.

We tapped into our Beano Brain Trendspotters, a longitudinal ethnographic panel, which follows the lives of 7-16 year olds, to hear directly from them on why the time is so special.

It’s clear that grandparents appeal to Gen Alpha and Gen Z’s sense of fun by being less strict and willing to allow a bit of mess and creativity.

JACK – “I would say my grandparents are strict with Mum & Dad but not me – they let me get away with more. They give me my favourite foods, let me stay up late and watch TV.”

GABI – “YES – I definitely get away with more with my Nanna – she doesn’t tell Dad off, but she’ll say stuff to my Mum like ‘Oh leave her alone, she’s only young’.”

However, it’s not just indulging that earns love for grandparents. Kids and teens have great respect for their grandparents and they offer an additional layer of stability.

JACK - “I like staying there and I feel a lot more safe at my Grandma & Grandpa’s house – no clue why. I think grandparents know more about kids and other stuff. I wouldn’t lie to them because I would be too scared to! I’d maybe lie a bit to Mum & Dad”

GABI – “We sold our house but the one we were going to buy fell through so we’ve moved in with Nanna.”

Many of our Trendspotters live within a 15 mile radius of their grandparents, so seeing them is part of their weekly routine and often the base for family activities.

LILY – “This weekend we went to see Nan and Grandad and they made us a cake.”

AMELIA – “I was at my Nana’s this weekend and we got to see our cousins. We played games outside and planted some flowers in the garden – it was nice.”

FATIMAH – “We’re going for a meal at Grandma’s house and are going to plan a trip to London. I’m REALLY excited to go to the Harry Potter Studios.”

It’s clear to see that grandparents play a pivotal role in kids and teens lives. If you’d like to know more about connecting with these multi-generational families, please get in touch and use our brain.


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