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The global celebrations calendar according to kids & teens

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

In our ongoing conversations with our Trendspotters in the UK and now in the US, thanks to the launch of our US panel, it is clear that we are bang in the middle of celebration season.

Kicking off with Halloween, kids are now embracing celebrations that lead them up to the New Year.

In the UK, Halloween has now grown to almost the status of the US. Trick or Treating and decorating the house has become a pillar of kids’ calendars:

“We go Trick or Treating around the houses with friends and dress up. I’ve got this very detailed skull tub for sweets!” – Gabi, 10

“We always go trick or treating on Halloween – this year we are going as Mean Girls” – Gabriella, 12

This is quickly followed by Bonfire Night:

“I missed bonfire night with my friends because of Covid - I was so annoyed!” - Gabriella, 12

Which kids know about but don’t always get 100% right...

“We celebrate Guy Fawkes because he tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament but his brother betrayed him” – PJ, 9

However religious celebrations show an imbalance in awareness between the two sides of the pond, highlighting the impact religious education has on UK kids’ multi-faith knowledge:

“Diwali is the light festival. It’s about a girl and a boy called Rama and Sita in a forest and a magical circle. The protection was broken and they were welcomed with lights” – Gabi 9, Christian

“I think Indians celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights” – Fatimah, 9 (Muslim)

Whereas Thanksgiving was an exclusively US celebration, UK kids are now getting involved. Thanks to the changing media landscape, kids from all over the world are now joining in and talking about this once US national holiday:

“Thanksgiving is where you have to be thankful and you give presents too” – Mia, 9

“Thanksgiving is where you think what you're grateful for and eat turkey. Not in Britain.” – Isaac, 11

For brands this means that there are many opportunities to have relevant conversations with Gen Alpha fans. Nothing is off limits when it comes to celebrations for this tuned-in and globally aware audience.

If you’d like to know more about how to find your brand’s place in these global celebrations, please get in touch and use our brain. We’re here to help.


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