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Real life Gen Alpha Rebellion

In our latest white paper The New Rebellion we revealed the huge impact Gen Alpha is having on the world each week.

In the UK alone kids are carrying out 4.3 million acts of rebellion to bring about change. Frustrated and disillusioned with the adults in charge, this activist cohort are taking matters into their own hands.

48% of young people today think they can be better trusted to stand against racism then their parents, teachers or politicians. Equally 82% believe that the government can’t be trusted to solve the climate emergency, with over half of young people (59%) saying saving the planet should be the top priority in a post Covid-19 world.

You may not find the majority of Gen Alpha on a picket line or brandishing placards but they will change the world by stealth.

Take 11-year-old Jordan Marsh who spotted a huge amount of litter on his daily lockdown walk so decided to take matters into his own hands. Now he collects that litter every day, turning his daily exercise into an environmental clean up.

Or 7-year-old Leo Parry, who days after taking part in a Black Lives Matter march was found by his mum dancing outside his house. He’d taken some chalk and two hats to raise money for BLM. His mother Claire told the New York Post “I just looked out the window, and there was Leo, dancing with such joy and self-confidence". They created Dance for Justice and after Claire posted a video of Leo dancing which went viral and they set up a GoFundMe. After 54 days of dancing they’d raised $18,500 and set up a nonprofit group to support arts and sports initiatives for kids in underserved areas.

And for her fifth birthday photos were released of Princess Charlotte helping to pack up and deliver food packages to isolated pensioners near her Sandringham home. The young royal also participated in the weekly clap for carers to celebrate key workers.

Unlike previous generations Gen Alpha won’t throw up their hands in despair or assume that the solution sits with adults. With technology and inspiration at their fingertips they will cut through red tape and find a way to act, help out or demonstrate support.

If you'd like to know more about our latest white paper The New Rebellion please get in touch to speak to one of our Directors of Insight.


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