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Mini Gen Alpha Mini Heroes

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes but our ongoing research into Gen Alpha and their emerging behaviours is showing clear evidence that kids are active, engaged citizens of the world. In our recent Raising Gen Alpha white paper we reported that 20% of kids had attended a demonstration or a protest, however not all kids can or want to aspire to that overt representation of activism. Instead, our Beano Brain omnibus data shows that with small acts of rebellion, Gen Alpha are quietly, politely changing the world around them.

They are stepping up and educating the adults around them to navigate a world that to them is ever-changing but to which Gen Alpha fluidly adapt and embrace.

54% of kids have helped an adult to use technology

52% of kids have explained the meaning of something to an adult

Gen Alpha are interventionists, who despite their youth will call out things they don’t agree with and that can be amongst their friends or perhaps most surprisingly amongst adults.

38% have called out bad behaviour amongst their friends

41% have corrected an adult for saying something inappropriate

We all remember a time as kids when we felt we should have stood up for friends or for our own beliefs but fear held us back. How many Hollywood movies from the Goonies to Back to the Future have been built around that narrative? Today however, it seems that Gen Alpha are perhaps braver than previous generations in their youth.

38% have called out bad behaviour by someone older than them

54% have stuck up for a friend who was being bullied

We all acknowledge the challenges that the planet faces and Gen Alpha are stepping into the role of planet protectors.

35% have asked someone to pick up their litter

26% have actively encouraged an adult to change their behaviour to take care of the planet

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, we saw a rise in awareness of racism and worldwide discussion about white allyship. It does feel with this incoming generation that inclusivity and acceptance are default behaviours and that they will stand up for what they believe to be morally right.

27% of kids age 7 – 14 have challenged racist behaviour and 21% have done so in the last week.

Our data also shows that girls (88%) are more likely than boys (80%) to be deploying small acts of rebellion but in our opinion there is no doubt that young as they are Gen Alpha are already making a sizeable impact on us adults and subsequently the world they will inherit.


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