Masks are on for kids and teens

Updated: Jul 20

Facemasks have become a global debate. Following this week's announcement that wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets in England is to become mandatory, we asked our Beano Trendspotters panel how they felt about this seemingly controversial topic.

Unsurprisingly for the problem-solving Gens Z and Alpha they've taken a pragmatic approach to it.

Many had already begun preparing in early June before any government announcements in the UK:

"I have some re-usable spotty fabric facemasks. We will probably have to use masks all the time on any public transport so good to have them.” - Daisy (9)

As soon as face coverings did become recommended and enforced in certain areas they adopted them:

“I try to always wear masks in public, busy places anyway, so that's a habit that I'll definitely hold onto.” – Ashton (14)

And now they've taken a very forward-facing view on them:

"I think after lockdown masks will remain necessary in public places for a long time or at least until there’s a vaccine against corona virus. Masks will be in the best interest of everyone as it is a precaution to lesser the risks of spreading germs to one another” - Kaia (16)

This is yet another example of Gens A and Z being preconditioned to action however small. To engage this audience brands should look to build on their appetite for activism and problem-solving and enable them to participate through action.

But ultimately listen and get involved with them. If you'd like to know more get in touch - we're here to help.