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Kids & teens hopes for 2022 revealed

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

2021 for many kids is ending as it started. New variants of Covid 19 causing disruption and leaving them unable to see friends and family who have caught the virus.

With 2022 just around the corner we asked the Beano Brain Trendspotters, our longitudinal, ethnographic panel of 7-14 year olds across the UK and US, what they hope the new year brings them.

Given the two years of rules and restrictions they’ve faced, it’s unsurprising that many wish for freedom and adventure:

“To have snow and to be able to go out with my friends.” – PJ

“I hope that Israel Tour 22 goes ahead because I have not been to Israel for AGES and a lot of my cousins live there and I really miss them I also feel like I have lost that connection with Israel and I’m so excited to get it back soon!” – Libby

“I hope the school ski trip to Austria doesn’t get cancelled because we’ve gone into a massive lockdown.” – Theo

Certainty and familiarity also rank high after these turbulent times:

“To have a good home and be settled in it.” – Gabi

“Just to actually have my Bar Mitzvah!” – Gabriella

“My biggest hope is that we as a nation can maintain some sort of order and hopefully not go into another lockdown anytime soon.” – James

“I am hoping that I can have a very fun year and forget about the last 2 years. What I am also looking forward to in the summer of 2022 is going on holiday somewhere really nice and hot and relaxing.” – Cody

And a covid-free world was wished for by nearly all of our Trendspotters:

“Definitely less corona, less school.” – Josh

“I want Covid to get better – to go back to normal. Just a better year in general.” – Lily

“That every single person in the world gets the coronavirus vaccine.” – Sophie

“I just want Covid to go away! – that’s it!” – Jack

But there are signs of normality returning, with kids focusing on their own worlds and personal resolutions:

“I want to do exercise every day.” – Gabi

“I want to: learn how to do the splits, save up for a laptop, complete the Turkish March on the piano, do really well in a school play.” – Fatimah

“For 2022, I want to achieve a few things: to learn every chord on guitar (I know about 5 currently) and lots of songs and to learn the melodies for lots of songs on piano.” - Maya

And a few big wishes to brighten their year...

“I’d wish for a McDonalds takeaway for Christmas Dinner!” – Josh

“To get high heels (yellow or green). My chances are about 3 out of 5.” – Mia

If you’d like to speak to our Trendspotters about your brand please get in touch and use our brain. We’re here to help.


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