Do kids want to go back to school?

Updated: Jun 22

Should kids go back to schools next month? Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, teachers and parents have all voiced their opinions but has anyone asked the kids?

For this week’s #BeanoBrain round-up, here’s what they had to say…

Naturally 1 in 5 kids are worried about staying safe and the messages they’ve heard have stuck - with a third concerned about keeping 2 metres apart. That rises to 41% for kids who are in Year 6 and conscious it might be them going back first.

60% of kids would be excited to see their friends but with classes restricted to 15, that may not be the reality for many.

Kids and teens don’t feel like their education is suffering - only a quarter of kids (28%) think lessons are better at school or are worried they've forgotten everything (28%).

They tell us they’re happy with the “School of Mum and Dad” and parents' pragmatic approaches to home schooling. And happiness has increased, currently matching boredom as the emotion kids feel most.

Clearly schools play a hugely important role in kids’ lives and going back is important for both their welfare and the economy, but this entrepreneurial and resilient generation are not all in a rush to get back to the classroom for learning.

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