Kids and teens are the happiest they have been since March

Updated: Sep 16

Heading back to school, reuniting with their friends and getting back to some semblance of "normality" has resulted in kids and teens being the happiest they have been since we started tracking emotions at the beginning of March.

As soon as schools shut back in March we set up a sentiment tracker on using our unique omnibus tool. Since then we've had responses from more than 685,000 UK kids and teens aged 7-14, and can see the clear journey they've been on.

As soon as schools shut, home schooling began and official lockdown was introduced, worry started to rise but that was quickly quelled as the "new normal" began.

Sunny days and time at home with their families for the majority of kids meant that happiness began to grow and worry reduced but as the days ran on boredom quickly took over and peaked over Easter weekend.

Then as lockdown began to ease, socially distanced gatherings were allowed and shops and restaurants opened, boredom began to quell and happiness grew. And over the last two weeks, the return to school has given UK kids and teens a much needed boost and happiness is at an all time high.

As we now head into Winter and much-loved traditions such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and the festive season, can happiness continue to grow? Or do we face another rise in boredom and possibly sadness for the first time since lockdown?

If you'd like to see the full chart in detail or find out more about our sentiment tracker and omnibus tools please get in touch. We're here to help.