Has home schooling changed parents' minds about school?

Updated: Jun 22

Yesterday it was suggested that school days should be longer to get kids back up to speed after lockdown. Well for today’s #BeanoBrain round-up, we asked our Parents Panel if home schooling had changed their minds about school and here’s what they had to say…

"Life is usually such a rush and we've enjoyed not having that. Now I can see that things (at school) could change or work better." - Carolyn, Mum of 2

"Things maybe need to be looked at. Maybe half days at schools because you probably get more out of kids in the mornings anyway." - Kelly, Mum of 5

I'd like to see teaching less in class and more at home and a focus on mental health - we don't know the impact this will have on people." - Julie, Mum of 4.

Our parents recognised the need for school but they have been surprised by their kids’ ability to learn away from the classroom and enjoy a broader curriculum with more outdoor play and real-life skills such as cooking and gardening.

With already almost half (48%) of Gen Alpha parents feeling that exams and tests stifle their child’s creativity, will this be the time to relook at how we teach this creative generation?

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