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Gen Alpha's New Rebellion continues

Last year we reported on Gen Alpha’s growing altruistic behaviour in our whitepaper The New Rebellion. At Beano Brain we have been reporting Gen Alpha’s “Cool to Be Kind” attitude for the last few years but it’s clear that their want to help more is translating into real action in our latest research for Save the Children UK.

Save the Children has seen community fundraising increase tenfold throughout the pandemic and the current Ukraine crisis. Overall, there has been an 80% increase in young fundraisers wanting to help children across the world.

Our research, commissioned by Save the Children, found that almost four in five (79%) of 7–14-year-olds wish they could do more to help their peers affected by serious problems or disasters. On average, children surveyed have given or raised money for a charity five times in the past two years, with a third (31%) of children becoming more charitable in response to COVID-19 and wider world conflicts.

The research was commissioned to support a new fundraising campaign for Save the Children UK, called, The Fun Raisers. The Fun Raisers, launched in collaboration with The Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson, aims to encourage children from across the UK to use their creativity, enterprise, and kindness to raise money and smiles for their peers around the world. The campaign has been inspired by Julia’s true childhood story of selling bluebells from her friend Mary’s garden to raise money for Save the Children.

Gen Alpha’s motivations to raise money include making a difference to someone’s life (54%), showing that they care (53%), raising awareness of the charity (40%), raising money in memory of someone (35%) and to challenge themselves (30%).

The study also revealed that nearly seven in ten (68%) children want to raise money to help make sure that children in the UK and around the world have food to eat, followed by ensuring children have a home to live in (65%) and that children can get medicine when they’re sick (63%).

If you’d like to know more about Gen Alpha’s rebellion or our omnibus tool please get in touch and use our brain. We’re here to help.


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