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Creativity in a post Covid catch-up world

Updated: May 4, 2022

It’s well documented that Generation Alpha is the most creative generation we’ve ever seen. Thanks to their Millennial parents’ democratic parenting style and encouragement, plus a whole digital world of inspiration at their fingertips, this generation has creativity and innovation at their core.

We’ve reported before how the education system, wrapped-up in testing and measurement might not be the best solution for Gen A, but in a post-Covid catchup world has this been intensified? What does creativity look like for this post-Covid generation?

Traditionally we’re about to enter an explosion of creativity – with SATs over and after weeks (months!) of cramming, schools and pupils let loose in the summer term with creative arts, entrepreneurial challenges and dramatics.

But in catch-up culture, creative arts are often first to be axed.

For Gen A and younger Gen Z, careers are no longer the standard traditional routes – Millennial parents and (more than half of) Gen Alpha know that they can turn a talent into a career. In fact 20% have already made money through their creations.

These cohorts are quite different from previous generations; enthused by the process as the end result. Growing up on how-to videos, including fails, has created a “have a go” approach. Many are also active participants of creator communities, whether it’s creating fan art, collating their own YT channel, participating in craft classes or creating games and digital add-ons for Roblox.

Equally during the tumultuous two years of the pandemic, these generations have been encouraged to be creative for creative’s sake through mindfulness, journaling or loosing themselves in glorious hand-drawn rainbows of support. And we know how important this will continue to be, particularly post pandemic with the growing crisis in youth mental health.

Our prediction is that after a supremely tough pandemic, creativity has only risen in importance for Gen A. It’s what has got us through and the absence of traditional routes to the arts only made us miss and appreciate them more. Those silent streets adorned with Covid rainbows brought joy, hope and only highlighted Gen A’s positive impact.

Driven by increasing need to handle the trials and tribulations of life in the twenties, coupled with a supremely creative and imaginative generation, creativity can only grow.

If you’d like to be more involved in Gen Alpha’s creativity, please get in touch and use our brain. We’re here to help.


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